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xtalks & webinars

We take it one step further, with in-person boot-camps, talks and dedicated webinars with our Xperienc Executives and XTalk experts.


Free and premium courses, on-demand 24/7. Learn and enhance your production skills, interact with industry leaders, and much more!

upcoming events

Check out some of our upcoming events. See you there!

we take traditional- digital!

In the uber on your phone, on the couch on your tv, or on your break on your table, learn anywhere you want, any time of the day, on XOD Network.


To make it easy, we have bundled liked content to give you the best bang for your buck. Even better, you can pick solo video for a quick recap or the entire show to learn it all.

Good Moment, Good Moment, Good Moment! We are so pleased to have you here, eager to learn and take your skill sets to the next step.

There is a space and place for everyone! Want to dive deep into our webinars, become a trainer, share your knowledge on XTalks, or get a one-on-one or small group training? We have it all. Let us know at any time if you need any assistance. We are happy to help!


– president, kenneth hutchins

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Give us a buzz, send us a message, whatever works best! We are just really excited to talk with you!

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